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Our beautiful, comfortable treatment center is nestled in Rosarito Beach, Baja California and is staffed and equipped to handle any medical emergency. We have board certified physicians, and registered nurses on site 24/7. Patient monitoring is provided around-the-clock by our trained and compassionate nursing staff.

Crossroads Holistic Ibogaine Program

This treatment method is the most humane and effective way to overcome opiate, stimulant, and alcohol addictions.

One of the most important aspects in the success of ibogaine treatment in achieving long-term abstinence, as with any other treatment, is the patient’s motivation to overcome current addictive and destructive behaviors. This requires willingness to work on him or herself with a positive attitude. Patients need to be aware that although ibogaine facilitates the detoxification process by greatly diminishing withdrawal symptoms, there may be residual symptoms that are managed with medication at the facility. Many experts in the field of addiction consider ibogaine therapy to be the most effective and comfortable drug detoxification that currently exists.

Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center was founded to provide safe, comfortable, and affordable Ibogaine Therapy. Our staff has been trained by some of the world’s leading experts in Ibogaine administration. They are qualified and well prepared to provide you with the best care, as we have extensive experience administering ibogaine as medicine. Our ibogaine treatment is all-inclusive, and your stay at our facility will typically last for a 7-day period. Ibogaine Treatment is individualized according to severity of addiction and the needs of each patient.

This treatment is not for everyone. If you currently have any heart, lung, or liver disease you may not be a good candidate for treatment.

Patients are requested to stay at the treatment center for at least 5 days to allow for transformation and adjustment to occur.

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